Recruit Volunteers

Students and volunteering

UEA encourages our students to volunteer whilst they study. We believe that volunteering is great for future employability; it allows students to gain practical experience, learn new skills, experiment with different roles, understand the workplace and build their professional networks.

We believe that UEA students are an unparalleled resource for the not-for-profit sector. They have a huge range of skills and experience to offer, and many of them actively want to share that expertise and give something back to the community.

If you need volunteers, we can help you find the students you need.

What kinds of volunteering do students do?

There is no such thing as a 'typical student'. In our 15,000-strong community there is someone with almost every skill or expertise you can imagine, which means that there is a volunteer out there for almost any role.

That being said, in order to give due time and attention to their studies, we prefer students to volunteer part-time during university term. We are happy to support full-time volunteering in the vacations. Most, but not all, of our students are based in the greater Norwich area.

Who can use our Volunteering Service?

Because volunteering is unpaid work, to protect our students from exploitation, we need to know that you are a genuine not-for-profit organisation. We understand this as: 

  • Charities of all legal forms (I.E. Unincorporated Associations, Charitable Companies, Registered, Exempt or Excepted Charities, Charitable Incorporated Organisations)
  • Social Enterprises (I.E. Community Interest Companies, Co-operatives, Industrial & Provident Societies & companies whose governing documents set out that they are not-for-profit)
  • Public Bodies (I.E. Local and National Government, the NHS, Government Commissions and Agencies)
  • International NGO’s (I.E. the UN and its agencies, the WHO etc.).

If you are in any doubt as to whether your organisation qualifies please contact us to discuss.

Because of the complex issues involved, UEA has introduced a trusted partnership policy for international volunteering organisations. We will only advertise overseas volunteering opportunities with organisations which have applied for and achieved this status. Contacts for further information or to refer an organisation.

Next Steps

To post your opportunities all you need to do is register with MyCareerCentral and then you can submit, edit and monitor your vacancies online.