Share Your Knowledge

You were there once.

Share your knowledge and expereince with our students. Help them find their own career pathway.

Become a Mentor

Thank you for your interest in becoming a mentor and helping students find their future.

There are two ways to get involved. You may wish to take part in one or both pathways, depending on the time and depth to which you wish to engage in mentoring. We will ask you the type of support you can give and match you with students accordingly.


With our Mentoring Programme students have the opportunity to talk to you as someone who has ‘been there and done it' in a one-to-one relationship. You can help them make decisions about their plans and build up their confidence. This takes the form of one-to-one advice and guidance in person or via email, telephone or Skype. With Start-up Mentoring this help also involves guidance on starting your own business, such as developing a business plan, financial planning and marketing strategy.

Time commitment: Six hours of mentoring is offered over a six month period. Where possible, we recommend that at least one of these meetings be in person.  

Insider Insights

Insider Insights are one-off information sessions to those students who already have an idea of the career or sector they would like to work in and are looking for further information. With Start-up Insider Insights the student may need specific insight into, for example, branding or pricing. This will give the student a chance to talk to you, either by telephone or email or Skype, to ask questions and gain the value of your experience in that career or sector. In addition to current students, Insider Insights are also made available to recent graduates.

Time commitment: An Insider Insight usually lasts 30-45 minutes. You can offer to provide as many of these per year as is convenient. We can arrange for them to be evenly spread throughout the year or in any pattern that suits your needs.

Next Steps

1) Review our Mentor Activity Flowchart: Mentor-Activity-Flowchart_2019-20.pdf

2) Express interest in becoming a Mentor

3) We will be in touch to discuss the programme further

Contact us: 01603 597637

Other ways to get involved

If you are interested in sharing your knowledge with our students, but mentoring is not for you, please contact us. We would be happy to dicsuss other options for example: Delivering talks, attending networking events and joining expert panels.

Please contact us for an initial discussion.