What is the UEA Award?

What is the UEA Award?

The UEA Award is a framework to help students and graduates record and reflect on their experiences at UEA. We encourage students to identify the graduate attributes they are developing through their academic studies, work related experiences and campus involvement. Students also build their career management competency; making progress towards their future goals.

The Award has students from all academic schools of study and year groups.

Opportunities for your organisation to engage with the UEA Award

By working with CareerCentral, you are already supporting our Award students by providing opportunities for part-time employment, internships and volunteering.

We can work with you to promote these opportunities as ‘UEA Award Approved’, raising the profile of your organisation and your opportunities with our highly motivated and engaged Award students. Please email award@uea.ac.uk for more information.

In addition, we are looking for employers who would like to be more actively involved in the Award, especially at Silver and Gold level:

Silver Video

  • The Silver Video is the final task students complete before progressing to the Gold level of the Award. It is a chance for them to reflect on their personal and professional development since starting the Award.
  • We know that videos are becoming a more common part of the recruitment process, especially for graduate roles. Therefore, we have included this task in the award to give students an opportunity to practice talking about their experiences on camera.
  • We are looking for employers who are willing to review video submissions and provide developmental feedback so students can succeed in the future

Gold Panel

  • The Gold panel is the culmination of a student’s hard work during their time at UEA. It a chance for them to reflect on, and celebrate, their personal and professional development over the course of the Award.
  • Students deliver a five minute presentation to a panel that includes employers, academics and CareerCentral staff. The panel will then ask questions and provide feedback.
  • We really appreciate employers volunteering their time to be on a panel and helping us recognise the achievements of our students.

Next Steps

To find out more about collaborating with the UEA Award, please get in touch by emailing award@uea.ac.uk or calling 01603 592201.