UEA Talent Celebration - Employer Nomination Form: Outstanding Student Employee Award

Please submit your nomination for a UEA Talent Award using the form below. The information contained in this nomination is strictly confidential and will not be communicated to any person other than those involved in the administration of the Award, with the exception of background information provided, which may be used in association with the announcement of any award granted.

UEA Outstanding Student Employee Award

Recognises an exceptional student who has made a significant impact to your business, going above and beyond to make a difference in things like placements, internships, and part-time jobs and other paid work.

Judging Criteria

  • Exceeding Expectations: the student has demonstrated special dedication and commitment, possibly through: communication, commitment, teamwork, innovation or creativity etc.
  • Impact: the student has made special impact on your organisation and made a real difference
  • Difference: why does this student above all others really stand out to you?
Full name of student/graduate to be nominated
Full name of nominating organisation
We will only use this to contact you about your submission if required
Recognising paid students who have changed things, with an emphasis on practical achievement; have demonstrated innovation and entrepreneurship; have delivered in a way to bring distinction to your company. (min 100 words)