Mentoring Programme Mentor Expression of Interest

The UEA Mentoring Programme offers students the opportunity to speak to someone who has been in their position and can help with those first tricky steps leading up to graduation, and beyond. A Mentor can demystify the process and help build confidence. We are currently registering the interest of further mentors. If you are interested in finding out more about becoming a mentor, please register your interest by completing this short form.

Register your interest in the UEA Mentoring Programme

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We have two main pathways on the Mentoring Programme: 1. Mentoring relationships - where students have the opportunity to talk to you as someone who has ‘been there and done it' in a one-to-one relationship, where you can help them make decisions about their plans and build up their confidence. You would need to give six hours of one-to-one advice and guidance in person or via email, telephone or Skype over a six month period. At least one of these meetings would need to be in person. 2. Insider Insights - one-off information sessions to those students who already know the sector they would like to work in and are looking for further information on this sector and/or how to progress within it. The information session will give the student a chance to talk to you, either by telephone, email or Skype for 30-45 minutes, to find out more about your job and the sector you work in.
Please note we have a wide range of mentors from all different backgrounds and professions.